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Investors Visa

For those who may need a second residency in Brazil, for the entrepreneur relocating to Brazil for the purposes of running a business, or for the C-level executive appointed to oversee their company’s Brazilian subsidiary, a Brazilian Investor Visa is required.


The Brazilian Economic Citizenship Program

Brazil is the fifth largest country and eighth largest economy in the world! Fifth place in the sustainable growth index, according to the UN It is the world's third largest food exporter. Democratic country with freedom and political stability. Low unemployment registered at 5.3%. International mobility +146 visa-free countries . Peaceful and multi-racial country which respects immigrants and their beliefs. Active encouragement and incentives for foreign investment, you can own 100% of land and property

Similar to the US Green Card, the Investor Visa brings you many benefits:

  • Endows Permanent Residency status
  • Residency for the entire family, including all your dependent family members.
  • Grants the option to apply for Brazilian Citizenship and a Brazilian Passport within a couple of years.

Key Facts

The Investor Visa requires a minimum level of financial investment of R$ 500k BRL for individual investor OR R$ 600k BRL for legal entity investor, in a Brazilian company. This process is simple and very straightforward.